Essential Bullhorn Automations to Deliver ROI

Essential Bullhorn Automations to Deliver ROI

Today’s recruitment market is filled with innovation and recruiters can no longer rely on doing things the way they always have done.

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If you want your business to thrive and grow, you cannot afford to ignore the advantages of recruitment automation.

Believe us, even if you aren’t embracing new technologies and automation your competition is and they are using Bullhorn Automation to grow faster than you can without it!

4 Bullhorn Automations to Speed Up Your Growth

Automating your recruitment processes can be hugely beneficial to your business. Here are four things your competitors are automating which are accelerating their growth:

1. Reengaging inactive contacts ​

76% of candidate placements come from existing database​ contacts. Automation can help you re-engage with the talent you already have at your fingertips through personalised, targeted communication that resonates.

  • Triggered emails
    Set up emails that can be sent to inactive contacts when they meet certain criteria, such as how long it’s been since they last engaged with you or when relevant jobs become available. Automated triggers make your re-engagement efforts more efficient and save you time.
  • Behavioural targeting
    Track a user’s behaviour when engaging with your website or messaging and create unique journeys based on that behaviour. For example, if a candidate opens an email or interacts with a job posting, their actions will trigger different follow up messages.
  • Personalisation
    Use your existing data to tailor your messaging to individual contacts. This will make them feel valued and increase the likelihood of them choosing to engage with your brand again.
  • Multi-channel re-engagement
    Design campaigns that include messages across multiple channels that bring inactive contacts back into your funnel such as email, social media and targeted ads.Automation can even help you track engagement with your campaigns and adjust accordingly for even greater levels of optimisation. Once your candidates are re-engaged you can use automation to drive placements through automatic candidate matching and pre-screening.

2. Improving productivity

Automating repetitive tasks such as interview scheduling, updating records and assigning tasks saves on average 3 hours per day per employee​. And those savings add up! By automating over 16,560 emails, notes, updates, surveys, and tasks recruiters can save themselves 763 hours per year!

Data clean-up is another repetitive task that can be automated to drive efficiency and growth. Only by having access to a database of useful, clean data can you be sure your other re-engagement efforts are having actionable effects on your talent pool.

3. Redeploying contractors​ and supporting candidates

Don’t waste the talent who is engaging with you. Increase the value of your permanent candidates and contractors by maintaining communication throughout their recruitment process or placement using automated messaging.

Checking in regularly throughout the process will help candidates and contractors feel supported and valued and drive a positive relationship. If they think highly of you as a caring and reassuring recruiter, they’ll come back to you again and again. Businesses using automation to provide positive candidate experience see a 27% increase in redeployment rate​.

4. Automating feedback​

Your Net Promotor Scores (NPS) are a crucial metric for understanding your overall reputation and candidate satisfaction. Not only can automation tools help you track your NPS and assess the success of your candidate and client experience, they can also provide you with processes to improve your NPS.

Regular feedback surveys sent at different points in the recruitment or contracting process can help you spot issues before they get out of control. Recruiters using Bullhorn Automation tools have found a 29% in their Net Promoter Scores.​

Don’t let the fear of the unknown or the fear of change put you off from freeing your consultants from time-consuming and repetitive busywork.

Is Your CRM Automation Ready?

Download our handy PDF to see if your CRM is automation ready!

Our recruitment automation team are dedicated to finding ways to improve our clients’ processes and see those all-important results as part of our wider end-to-end strategic marketing and delivery services.

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