AI in Marketing: Opportunity or Catastrophe for Recruitment?

AI in Marketing: Opportunity or Catastrophe for Recruitment?

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AI in Marketing Has Taken the World By Storm – But Will It Help or Hinder Your Business?

It’s been over a year since ChatGPT was launched, changing the way businesses, marketers and everyday people approach content creation. Along with other AI in marketing platforms, it can prove a huge opportunity – one that enables marketing and wider business activities faster than through manual, often labour-intensive means. However, without the right vision, strategy and approach, can prove to be a catastrophe waiting to happen.  

The bottom line? AI is not a replacement for marketing; instead, it serves as a powerful enabler. It has streamlined menial tasks but also elevated our speed and efficiency in content creation and broader marketing activities. 

At Thrive, we wanted to dispel the myths and challenge thinking around the role of AI in marketing. We brought together our Founder, Kristie and Fractional CMO Clair, along with Kieron, the Head of Marketing at Paiger to take a closer look. Check out the LinkedIn Live and tell us what you think! 

The Human Touch in Marketing Strategies

AI or no AI, the human touch still reigns supreme in the world of recruitment marketing. However, AI in marketing is a true enabler and when thoughtfully integrated, becomes a go-to tool in the marketer’s toolkit. From transcribing extensive meeting notes into actionable takeaways to crafting A-B testing subject lines in a data-driven culture, AI emerges as a reliable ally, amplifying speed and effectiveness. AI allows marketers to focus on the higher-value aspects of their roles, empowering them to achieve greater heights without compromising the irreplaceable touch of human creativity and expertise. 

Nurturing the Next Generation of Marketers

The panellists reflected on their respective journeys as recruitment marketer, s expressing concerns about the potential loss of opportunities for junior marketers in the wake of AI’s growing influence. This poignant revelation serves as a wake-up call. If experienced marketers shy away from hiring junior talents, we risk creating a void in the progression of skills through the ranks. Instead we advocates for strategic AI adoption while underscoring the real-world consequences of sidelining junior roles, urging our industry peers to consider the impact on both businesses and careers. 

The Heart of Success: A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

In the midst of celebrating AI in marketings transformative potential, we recognise a crucial reminder– companies still need a marketing plan and strategy for what they want to achieve. AI in marketing is, undoubtedly a powerful enabler, should not be employed in a scattergun or one-off manner. The heart of our success as a profession and industry lies in a comprehensive strategy, plan, and drumbeat, a mantra that resonates far more profoundly than the allure of adopting AI as a shiny toy. In essence, the message is clear: while AI is a potent force inmarketing, its true success is intricately tied to a well-thought-out strategy that aligns with the unique goals and nuances of each recruitment business. Whilst we continue to thrive in the age of AI in marketing, let’s remember that what we get out of technology is only as good as what we put into it. AI is simply the enabler and expediter – not the replacement. 

How Thrive uses AI in Marketing

At Thrive we believe in innovation. For more than five years we have been the key advocate for recruitment marketing automation across the industry and regularly advise our clients and partners on their potential tech stack and use of technology. Naturally, AI factors into our marketing services as well. 

However, we do not believe that AI should replace sound marketing strategy and operational delivery. While some recruitment marketers in our space are offering a two-tiered service approach – marketing with and without AI – we believe that this is a race to the bottom. Instead, AI allows us to be more efficient in some of the menial tasks; we outline them below: 

  • Transcribe meeting notes and summarising and providing action points 
  • Resize creative images using Photoshop generative AI 
  • Identify subject line/title/header recommendations for A/B testing 
  • Research / explain technical information (for industry-specific content) 
  • Repurpose content – i.e. turning a LinkedIn post into a Facebook post etc. 
  • Generate hashtag/emoji suggestions for social media 
  • Create meta title / meta descriptions 
  • Plan article outlines and storylines 
  • Calculate conversion rates and metrics 
  • Identify publications for media relations / outreach 

The content we produce for our clients are all products of the human touch. We will not compromise on quality nor our unending drive to create meaningful recruitment marketing initiatives that move the dial, your business and the industry forward.  

Of note: We used AI to generate the video transcript and then provided the prompts from our key takeaways of the session to create the outline of the article. We also provided the prompts for the keywords we wanted to optimise for per SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) best practice. We then have had two marketers review and edit the content for tone, message and SEO. This is how Thrive uses AI!  

 Thrive: Your Strategic Growth Marketing Partner 

Thrive Recruitment Marketing is the leading employer branding and recruitment marketing agency for scaling and fast-growing businesses. We empower our partners to achieve their growth goals, attract new business and hire the right talent by aligning and activating employer and commercial brand strategies. The result – thriving businesses enjoying sustainable revenue and recruitment success.  

Let us help your business thrive with recruitment marketing tailored for your business.  

Let’s Thrive! Together.

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