Amplifying a Small Sales Team Through Marketing Automation

Amplifying a Small Sales Team Through Marketing Automation

A technology recruitment company approached Thrive to expand their reach and amplify their business development impact. Thrive created an email marketing campaign which created impact and results.

The Challenge:

This technology recruitment company was looking to scale their three-person business development team, leveraging technology to expand their reach and amplify their BD impact without additional headcount. As an established business, they had a rich client database, with many contacts that had gone cold or unengaged from years of inactivity. They also had their own brand voice and message, sharing insights on LinkedIn within their personal brand(s), but struggled to turn a small but engaged group of contacts into a tangible flow of leads and opportunities.

The ultimate aim? To deliver warm leads and opportunities to consultants to ramp up their business development efforts while increasing productivity and saving valuable time.

The Solution:

They knew they needed to scale and knew that technology could enable them to. Thrive approached the engagement pragmatically, leveraging their existing tech stack and developing a 7-stage sales automation email campaign to reach contacts at scale, nurturing them through the sales funnel with an aim to generate leads while reducing time spent on manual processes. While their legacy technology stack didn’t have all of the bells and whistles of more sophisticated marketing automation platforms, we were able to leverage best practice and learnings from other platforms, delivering a strategy that was both cost-effective and results-driven. Contacts were fed through a sequence that mirrored the sales funnel, establishing trust and reputation as a thought leader at the early stages, through warmer messages and evidentiary proof that showcased what made their agency unique and why clients should choose them over other companies. Through lead scoring, the contacts’ engagement was tracked and aggregated over multiple touchpoints, flagging up contacts who had demonstrated buyer’s intent and were therefore ‘most likely to buy’. The consultants then concentrated their efforts on these contacts for one-to-one outreach, using their time on more valuable connections and increasing conversion and close rate.

To save further resource and investment, we repurposed existing content assets whilst also creating new valuable content that addressed customers’ pain points across the buyer’s journey. This content was delivered along with their email sequence, to position the business as a reputable thought leader and recruitment partner. Thrive was successful in mirroring the brand voice and tone, with even the co-founder mistaking the copy as their own!

The Outcome:

The reactivated database surfaced contacts for re-engagement and future business opportunities. While the company initially focussed on their existing contacts, they are looking to expand the campaign to additional cold contacts and exploring further tech solutions that, when married up with strategic marketing, can deliver even greater levels of ROI.

“We’re a small company so our marketing automation campaign needed to be good value for money. We saw leads come off the back of it and we wouldn’t use any other agency apart from Thrive moving forward.”

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