Recruitment Marketing Strategies: From Content Marketing to FCMO and Everything in Between

End-to-end Recruitment Marketing Strategies 

When a highly established Cyber Security, Technology and Governance recruitment pioneer needed to outsource their end-to-end recruitment marketing strategies, Thrive heeded the call!

The Challenge

Barclay Simpson, a leading recruitment agency in the cyber security, technology and corporate governance space, faced a pivotal moment in their growth trajectory. Despite their strong industry reputation, they lacked an in-house marketing function to propel their brand and generate quality leads. Recognising the need for comprehensive recruitment marketing strategies, they sought a partner to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Barclay Simpson aimed to enhance its existing online presence, brand reputation, and drive targeted leads to their business. The challenge lay in implementing full-scale recruitment marketing strategies, covering everything from content creation, automated email marketing, thought leadership reports, and social media management to SEO, PPC, salary guides, and a website revamp.

The Solution

Understanding the complexity of their marketing needs, Barclay Simpson turned to Thrive to provide a full marketing strategy and plan for their nine specialisms across the UK, Europe and Middle East. Thrive’s ability to provide end-to-end consultancy from brand development to digital marketing, enabled Barclay Simpson to tap into a dedicated team of specialists, overcoming the challenges and limitations of building an in-house team.

Thrive became an extension of Barclay Simpson’s team, offering a diverse skill set, from graphic design and SEO management to strategic guidance from an experienced Chief Marketing Officer. This ensured that Barclay Simpson had access to a full-service marketing team for less than the cost of hiring two permanent in-house staff members. This cost-effective solution allowed Barclay Simpson to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on their core competencies.

The Outcome

Thrive’s strategic approach significantly bolstered Barclay Simpson’s brand and reputation. Thought leadership reports, engaging social media content, and a revamped website positioned Barclay Simpson as an industry authority, attracting both clients and candidates.

Thrive’s targeted marketing initiatives, including automated email marketing, SEO optimisation, Google advertising and job board management resulted in a substantial increase in quality leads. The conversion of leads into successful placements showcased the tangible impact of a well-executed marketing strategy.

Over the course of the engagement, Thrive embarked on a comprehensive website project, enhancing user experience by delivering three clear journey pathways – for people looking for work, looking to hire, or looking for a career with BSA. On top of full copywriting, SEO/CRO, brand articulation and project management.

By partnering with Thrive, Barclay Simpson exceeded their marketing objectives, yielding business leads for consultant follow-up while positioning the company as the industry leader that they are. For recruitment managing directors or sales directors seeking ROI-driven marketing consultancy without the overhead of a full in-house team, Recruitment Marketing Outsourcing can be the solution.