Lead Generation Using Segmented Email Marketing Automation

Lead Generation Using Segmented Marketing Automation

When Morgan Law needed to improve their ability to connect with clients and candidates and drive brand awareness they turned to Thrive as a reliable and consistent email automation partner.

The Challenge:

Morgan Law, a public and not-for-profit sector recruiter, faced the challenge of improving their client and candidate lead generation across multiple functions. With a diverse range of roles to fill, including HR, IT, Finance, Executive, Marketing, and Operations, the need for an effective and efficient email marketing strategy was crucial. The goal was to establish a robust lead generation pipeline to consistently connect with potential clients and candidates in the public and not-for-profit sector.

The Solution:

Thrive and Morgan Law had been working closely together for some time, so the decision was made to step back and rethink our existing campaigns to ensure they continued to meet Morgan Law’s changing needs and goals. We adopted an “always on, always add value” approach for the new campaign. The strategy focused on building brand visibility in individuals’ inboxes by providing valuable industry insights and positioning Morgan Law as thought leaders in the public sector recruitment domain. The campaign aimed to not only drive web traffic and qualified leads but also enhance brand awareness and build reputation.

Key components included:

  • Segmented Email Campaigns: Tailored campaigns for each function, ensuring relevance to recipients.
  • Consistent Value Addition: Regular dissemination of industry insights and thought leadership content.
  • Brand Visibility: Strategically placing Morgan Law in the recipients’ inboxes to increase brand recognition.
  • Web Traffic and Lead Generation: Implementation of a dynamic approach to drive qualified leads and increase web traffic.

The Outcome:

The results of the new email marketing campaign had a significant impact including:

  • Increased Engagement: Emails had a 10.35% open rate with a nearly 3% click through rate to Morgan Law’s website.
  • Lead Generation: Email automation delivered consistent marketing qualified leads with an average of 53.1 new leads passed on to consultants per month.
  • Operational Efficiency: Email automation did the work of 7 recruiters, saving Morgan Law £191,211.60 per year.

The campaign not only achieved its initial goal of lead generation but also demonstrated substantial operational efficiencies and cost savings while building Morgan Law’s reputation as a Public Sector recruitment leader.