Effective Database Engagement & SEO Solutions

Reactivating the Database and Finding New Customers Online

When Vetro faced content, database, and SEO challenges, they found a solution and a true recruitment marketing partner in Thrive.

The Challenge: 

Vetro had previously collaborated with another marketing agency, but the content quality they delivered was neither engaging nor successful in driving applications or visitors to the website. Vetro recognised that their database was not engaged, making it challenging to market to.  

Over the past six years, they had transitioned to three different CRMs, resulting in the loss of key data. There was a need to segregate the database, utilise new automation tools for data cleansing, and then market it efficiently and accurately. Upon launching a new website, the SEO efforts, or lack thereof, led to a 75% decline in site visitors. Vetro had a marketing assistant on board, but they lacked the necessary expertise to implement the company’s marketing strategy effectively. 

The Solution:

Vetro realised that they needed to identify a trustworthy marketing partner with a proven track record of collaborating with recruitment agencies. It was essential for Vetro that this partner have a team experienced in the areas they required support in and that they could also integrate the role of their existing marketing assistant. 

Vetro had the opportunity to hear a compelling presentation by Thrive’s MD, Kristie at a recruitment expo. Following this, they initiated a dialogue, and a marketing strategy was subsequently presented to them. From that point, Vetro became convinced that Thrive was the right agency to assist them. 

The Outcome: 

Vetro’s website performance improved noticeably. They implemented automations, which have been instrumental in generating both candidates and clients. This advancement has had a positive influence on their financial outcomes.  

Thrive continues to work with Vetro to expand their recruitment marketing function, delivering several marketing initiatives, including marketing automation, SEO, content and PPC campaigns.  

Founding Director Alastair Tulloch expressed appreciation for Thrive’s expertise, professionalism, and strategic guidance.

“Thrive was not just about executing strategies; they became our partner in overcoming significant challenges. Their recommendations were spot-on, and their flexibility helped us make the most of our investment. Even when a strategy didn’t work as planned, their quick pivot ensured that we kept moving in the right direction.”